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August 19, 2007


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Outstanding artwork Jason. Flames are wicked and just may melt the ice. I know first hand that he(Jason) is a great artist as I am currently getting some tattoo work done by him. I tell everyone about him and say 'If you want shit done right, then Jason is the guy you want doing it'. Soon you will see what his latest masterpiece is. Jason, I'm glad I found you, thanks for doing such awesome work!! Jason V

That's what I'm talking about! I told you Jason would get this posted and (again) he comes through like a champ! UPDATE... I played my first game with the masterpiece and took a pretty hard slap shot directly off of the cage and it didn't even leave a mark! I knew all along that this helmet was to have 2 functions; 1 is protection and the other was to look good but it seems that Jason has invoked a 3rd, quite unexpected yet pleasant, funtion with his latest creation. Every time I step on the ice, I now take with me a sense of pride that wasn't there before! I feel more confident and play with a new spirit and desire! I have always been PROUD AS HELL to be a firefighter and take my job seriously but representing the profession and my fallen brothers and sisters with this helmet has increased that level of honor to a level I did not know was possible, thanks to Jason and his levels of professionalism, commitment and pride he displays through his work!!! True, this "functional piece of art" may get F%#*@ed up by using it instead of displaying it but if/when it does I guess that means I will return to Jason's studio and have him do it all over again. It's already protected me and impressed everybody that has seen it. How in the hell could it do either of those if I kept it in my house on display? Later!

John :o)

I pass the World Trade Center site everyday on my way to work and it breaks my heart to think of all the people that lost their lives and left family and friends behind. I think the FDNY would be honored to know that people across this country still appreciate the effort and lives lost on September 11th.

Jason, your work is beautiful. Your artwork truly inspires me to work harder at mine. I will make it out there someday to have you tattoo me dammit! Keep up the good work killa!

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